Fairfield Historical Society

Donations of Items 2020

  • Mark Follansbee – Correspondence of Atwood, Follansbee, and Moore Families; child’s skates, boots, pencil box; 1920’s & 1930’s toys. Christmas tree candle holders; men’s boots; school slate; vintage clothing for men, women and children, including a buffalo robe; Apothecary glass funnel; photographs, diaries, Spruce Gum Box; vintage ads; vintage kitchen items; blacksmith tool and more
  • Marianne Taylor- vintage hand makeup mirror; child’s fancy dress; chemise
  • Ernest Kelley estate- 4 Quilts all Fairfield made
  • Shirley Duplessis- tin farm barn with animals; nightgowns
  • Peggy Blair- Corduroy smoking jacket
  • Pat Wheeler- Fairfield 175th anniversary items
  • Yard sale donors- items donated for the fundraiser (barnsale) kept for the collection
  • Ann Giroux- Framed photo of Low Sampler