Fairfield Historical Society

Fairfield Historical Society

2021 Annual Report

The History House resumed regular visitation hours following CDC guide lines this year. We held a spring and a fall barn and bake sale. We also held the biannual Quilt Show at the Fairfield Center Victor Grange. The show was well received with over a hundred visitors. We also gave 30 tours of the house and barn. There was no Christmas Annual Open House due to covid concerns.

Volunteer staff continued the regular maintenance and service work. Jennifer Morrisseau maintained the gardens, Barbara Gunvaldsen processed research inquires and Peggy Blair, Kathy Violette, Pam Bryant, Shirley Duplessis and Shannon King documented and photographed many new items that were donated to the History House. Bill Blair facilitated maintenance work in the house, barn and around the grounds. The barn roof has been repaired, the back deck removed and replacement of rotted clapboards and the back deck are underway. We thank Kevin Violette for his help and guidance with these repairs. The trees have been removed on the back side of the house to reduce damage to the house.

We received many new items to add to our collections including toys, vintage clothing and a picture album with photos of all the rooms in the house when Mrs. Smith lived there. This album was donated to her grandnephew, David Andrews. Ben Crosby donated toys and items from his wife, Trudy’s collections. Mr. Crosby repairs clocks and has volunteered to repair all the clocks at the History House.

We thank the Town of Fairfield, donors, our volunteers including Jeremy Gordon, who plows us out during the winter and all who continue to support our work preserving the history of Fairfield.

Our financials are available upon request.

Peggy Blair